The right environment means a comfortable place to learn, grow and play.

What therapy environment is right for you?


The Kid Skills Clinic

Suspended swings, ladders, climbing wall, balance beams, an outdoor learning environment, and more. Sounds like fun, right? Located in South Boulder, the Kid Skills clinic is thoughtfully and purposefully designed by founder Jill McCarthy based on her own, unique approach to therapy. Our clinic is equipped with engaging and challenging, yet safe equipment. It also has learning tools for Handwriting Without Tears, therapeutic listening, interactive metronome and reflex integration.

This space in combination with extensive therapist training allows the therapist to provide a “just right” challenge to help the child grow and develop their skills. The therapy session makes sure even the most challenging skills are easy and fun.  

in-Home Therapy

Oftentimes holding therapy sessions in your own home can provide the right level of comfort for the child and families alike. Many children grow and progress through therapy the best by being in a familiar, home environment. We are happy to make in-home visits - whatever is most convenient for you and your child.

Ask the OT Consultation Program

Sometimes questions just come up, and an in-person visit isn’t necessary or convenient. We provide phone consultation for OT-related questions through Ask the OT consultation service. This helps alleviate having to wait for a therapy appointment when pressing questions arise.

SchoolS AND Community Organizations

We love getting out and involved in our local schools and community organizations. We provide OT consultations and sessions directly onsite at many locations in our community.