17 Indoor Sensory Activities for Your Child

As explained in my previous blog post on sensory activities, there are a number of ways to keep our kids engaged and their bodies staying organized and receiving the sensory input they need indoors. Here are some of my favorite activities.

  1. Build a fort! Move heavy furniture into place and build a fort.
  2. Tug of war or push war using your hands and pressing them against your partners
  3. Make child into burrito or taco.
  4. Create a sensory bin – can change out the items in the bin (beans, rice, kinetic sand, etc.).
    • My son loves to make a construction site using his little trucks in a bin of kinetic sand
  5. Pull out the kitchen tools! Play with clay or playdough using rolling pins, kid-safe kitchen tools, etc. 
  6. Mystery box/bag: Hide small objects in a bag and have the child identify which object they picked out without using their vision
  7. Taking a bath:
    • Use bathtub crayons and shaving creams
    • Use household items such as strainers, colander, funnel, etc.
  8. Add crab walks, bear walks, army crawls, wheel barrow walks as a way to get from one room to another!  You can also include these in obstacle courses and indoor races!
  9. Cotton ball races with straws
  10. Everyone loves bubbles!  Blowing bubbles with a straw (fill a large container with water and dish soap and use a straw to blow in the water to make bubbles)
  11. Play with catch or volleyball with a balloon
  12. Jump and crash into pillows or cushions
  13. Find a large box to make into a hide-out, pirate ship, etc.
  14. Dance to music with scarves
  15. Bang on drums (I prefer the large floor drums that have a lower tone)
  16. Listen to an audio book (http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2013/09/6-good-websites-to-access-kids-free.html)
  17. Create a quiet space with your child with pillows, sensory items (fuzzy blankets, squishy hand toys, soothing light, etc). A corner in your child’s closet might be an ideal location!

If you need more indoor ideas, check out my blog post on 13 Chores For Kids That Won’t Feel Like Chores. If you’re ready to get outside, read 9 Outdoor Sensory Activities for Kids.

Have questions about any of these suggestions? Interested in pursuing therapy services in the greater Boulder area? Feel free to contact me at jill@kidskillstherapy.com. I would love to answer any questions you have!