Fun Sensory Activities for a Cold or Rainy Day

As parents, we often find ourselves stuck in the house for the day whether it’s during the cold winter months, when we are at home sick, or even when it’s too hot to go outside. Instead of cringing at the idea of having to stay at home all day feeling ‘cooped up’, I like to come up with ideas to keep our kids engaged and their bodies staying organized and receiving the sensory input they need. A child’s physical and sensory needs can be addressed with a little creativity and guidance from an adult. 

What I look for in activities:

  1. Heavy work/proprioceptive input: Activities that use larger muscle groups (ex. lifting, pushing, pulling, hanging etc.) is a great way to help the body with calming and organizing. This is no different than an adult who lifts weights at the gym, rock climbs, does pilates, yoga or even goes for a hike! 
  2. Movement/vestibular input: Children love to run, spin and… move!!! Try to choose from a variety of movement activities. This will not only burn off energy, but also helps children with body awareness, coordination, and balance – to name a few.
  3. Touch/tactile input: Using your hands (and touch) is one of the earliest ways that a child learns about their body and their environment. Let your child explore and get messy!   
  4. Auditory: Put on some music, nature sounds or audio books. Listening is a large part of learning as well as regulating our body! 

Ready to get started? I’ve compiled a ton of fun activities that can be done indoors or outdoors, as well as some daily chores too! Click the links below to scope these lists out.

Round-up of my favorite indoor activities.  

Round-up of my favorite outdoor activities.

Chores to encourage routine and whole-body movements. 

If you have any questions about these activities or are interested in pursuing therapy services in the greater Boulder area, please don’t hesitate to contact me – - I would love to answer any questions you have!