9 Outdoor Sensory Activities for Kids

As explained in my previous blog post on sensory activities, there are a number of ways to keep our kids engaged and their bodies staying organized and receiving the sensory input they need. And one of those ways is getting them outdoors.

Here are 9 of my go-to outdoor activities to get the body moving! 

  1. Go on a scavenger hunt: Each child has a bucket and a picture list of things to collect.  Simple and fun!
  2. Shoveling. I love shoveling as it is a simple activities that most children love and also provides bilateral coordination, whole body movement and “heavy work” to help with body awareness or organization!
  3. Sweeping patio (I prefer the child-size push brooms!).  Along the same lines as shoveling!
  4. Sledding. Pretend you are a construction worker building a road.  My children pretend their sleds are road pavers!  I love the combination of the “heavy work” input for body awareness and organization the child receives from hiking up the hill and pushing their sleds while the speed of coming down is so great for the movement processing (vestibular system)!
  5. Put on your rain or snow boots and stomp in puddles!  Throw small rocks in the puddle, add snow to the puddles, use sticks to stir leaves into the water, etc.
  6. Do yard cleanup! Use a wheel barrow or push cart. My children have their own child-size wheelbarrows or carts – a favorite of theirs and most of the children that I work with!
  7. Digging in the dirt or snow: Look for buried treasure, searching for worms in the puddles,  build a dam and make a river in the puddle or melting snow... ideas are endless! A little imagination goes a long ways with mud, water and sticks!
  8. Build a snowman or snow animal and then decorate them by using a spray bottle or water bottle to squirt colored water on them!
  9. Building an outdoor fort under a covered space such as under a tree (this can be large enough for dolls or trucks or even larger for a children’s hideout).

If you need indoor activity ideas, check out my blog posts on 17 Indoor Sensory Activities for Your Child or 13 Chores For Kids That Won’t Feel Like Chores.

Have questions about any of these suggestions? Interested in pursuing therapy services in the greater Boulder area? Feel free to contact me at jill@kidskillstherapy.com. I would love to answer any questions you have!